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Welcome to Written by Dida. I write about chronic illness, mental illness, addiction/recovery, relationships, realistic finance, life in general, and any current hot topic. I strive to be honest, realistic, compassionate, accurate, informative, and helpful in my writing. I don’t really like to ‘sugarcoat’ things, but I do believe in being appropriate, and kind, unless there is an extremely good reason not to be. Please visit my Policy page for all the legal information about Written by Dida.

To the haters💜

To learn more about me, why I write, and my intentions with this blog, please visit the About Me page.

WritingsWritings on Written by Dida

Writings about living with chronic illness, anxiety, & PTSD, as well as current events, addiction/recovery, mental health in general, relationships, parenting, and realistic finance with extreme money-saving techniques.

Chronic Illness

My page for all things pertaining to chronic illnesses such as Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, and other autoimmune and invisible illnesses. Constantly adding information on new conditions, so check in often for relevant resources.

AddictionAddiction on Written by Dida

Addiction is affecting multiple generations and demographics. It’s killing people, tearing families apart, and destroying lives. Go here for resources to get or stay clean, and support for addicts, recovering addicts, & their loved ones.

Mental Health

A page for mental health topics and for resources to help cope.

Domestic Violence

You don’t deserve to be mentally, emotionally, or physically abused. Please go here to find help and the strength to walk away.


If you struggle with money (or the lack thereof,) visit this page for money-savings tips and resources. My money advice can be seen as extreme to some, but it’s just realistic. Many people don’t have enough money to follow any of the “experts” advice. I’m just a regular person who is straightforward about why money is usually an issue, and things that can be done to relieve financial strain.


Tools, support groups, crisis lines – all things to do with support are here.


Go here for information on how to have healthy relationships, my own personal stories, advice, and links to more resources. Relationships can be a challenge, but can also be the most rewarding experiences of your life. Make them the best you can.

Interview Links

These are interview questions I have designed to gather information for my articles. The answers are automatically anonymous. You are only identified if you choose to be. For now, many of the subjects have more than one link because I haven’t figured out how to move them from Survey Monkey to here. I promise I will as soon as possible. I also add topics often, so check back for others you are willing to answer. My articles are to raise awareness about these topics, and also put out information that may help others.

Sensory-FriendlySensory Friendly Materials on Written by Dida

Plainer versions of my materials for those who have issues with colors and fonts

Ideas, suggestions?

I’m already creating sensory-friendly versions of my anxiety tools, Dida-isms, and other resources for those who need plainer versions to use and working on getting more resources for you.
If you can think of any other way I should adapt my materials, please send me an e-mail.
I’d love to hear from you!

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