Addiction Kills: Get Clean Before it's Too Late

**If you have lost someone to addiction that you would like to add to this page, please contact me**

These are either people I knew personally, or people whose stories needed to be told, who lost their fight with addiction. Each was loved by someone, and each affected the people they left behind.

**I obtain permission from next of kin before posting, so if you don’t see someone here, it may be because I’m waiting on a response.

Harley Dickinson

One of my best friends for many years, Harley was the type that would do anything for you if you were one of his people. We had many adventures, and all kinds of chaos and fun. He was the type that stayed trying to revive a friend, knowing it meant him definitely going to jail. He had his demons and faults, and made plenty of mistakes, like we all do, but he still cared about and respected those that cared about him. I’ll miss his mischievous smile, his “trying-to-be-a-charmer” ways, and trying to keep him out of trouble. You will always be remembered, Harley. Love always- Dida

Bobby McKnight

Bobby McKnight died of a heroin overdose. He was a son, brother, father, lover, & friend- “The light of our lives” went out May 4, 2013 on the 12th floor of the Prichard Building in Huntington, WV.

sobriety Saves: Stories from those in recovery
Addiction is affecting  multiple generations &  demographics. It’s killing  people, tearing families  apart, & destroying lives.  Go here for resources to  get or stay clean, &  support  for addicts, recovering  addicts, & their loved ones.

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