Anxiety can be paralyzing… infuriating…. isolating….

It can stop you from accomplishing things you really need to, and keep you irritable, or skittish, lonely, depressed, and several other negative emotions. For a more in-depth explanation, you can visit or read my newest piece about it by tapping/clicking on this image:

Battling Anxiety: Tools for Getting Your Life Back

Any time I post a tool or resource about anxiety, I will also post that link here so they are all easy to find. Further down this page, you’ll find links to some outside resources and my Anxiety Dida-isms (meme-like things.)

There isn’t usually a simple fix- even with medications, anxiety can still control your life. Gathering all the tools you can to manage your anxiety is the only way to gain back some of the control it has stolen from you. I hope you’ll check in here from time to time for more resources, tools, and writings about anxiety.

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New April 2020 Anxiety Cards

Cards that can be used as a grounding technique during a panic attack. Free to save or print. Updated every other month.

My article with tips to help manage anxiety.

Ten Tips To Help Anxiety, by Candida Reece,
Ten Tips To Help Anxiety
Anxiety Relief: Creating a Daily Management Routine

This describes my daily management routine and gives you ideas for creating your own.

Things to use as distractions when anxiety, pain, or cravings are too much.

Using Distractions As Coping Mechanisms: Tools for Chronic Illness, Mental Illness, & Recovery

Other Blogs & Social Media Accounts pertaining to Anxiety:

To see sites & people I follow pertaining to anxiety, addiction, chronic illnesses, or just in general, head over to the Good Stuff Page

Links to outside resources:

University of Rochester Medical Center- The 5-4-3-2-1 Technique

Living Well- Grounding Techniques

Anxiety Dida-isms– Graphics about Anxiety

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Anxiety on Written by Dida. Information, tools, & support for Anxiety Disorders

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