Child Abuse

There is no excuse or reason that makes child abuse okay. This page will soon be filled with resources for victims of child abuse (of all ages, ) and with information to recognize, prevent, and stop the cycle.

A very few have never been taught to parent properly, and sometimes may not realize what they are doing is abuse. This page will offer all the resources needed to know. Once you know, the responsibility falls on you to make sure it doesn’t happen.

If you were abused- it’s not your fault. A child can never cause a parent to abuse them. I don’t care what you did- it’s not your fault. Whether it was physical, mental, sexual, or emotional abuse- you did nothing to deserve it. If you need support of any kind, please use a crisis hotline if the need is immediate. If not, feel free to reach out to me and I will do whatever I can to help you find resources. I am doing some deep research before I add any links here, but I hope to have some resources on this page this week.