Chronic Illness

Chronic illnesses affect 6 out of 10 adults in the world, according to the CDC. They can range from easily-manageable, to terminal. Some are visible, some aren’t. Many of them involve pain, and other symptoms, that can make life very difficult. My intentions for this page are two-fold..or maybe three-fold? Brain fog is preventing the correct word, and while I could just wait for it to pass, or come back and edit this later- I’d rather just be real. In addition to what you see on this page, I have blog posts about living with chronic illness, so please take a moment to go to the Menu near the top of the page & select Blog Posts to scroll through them. I have all kinds of graphics about chronic illness. I call them Dida-isms, and they, too, can be found in the Menu. I’ve also written for both The Mighty and FibromyalgiaResources. You can find those writings here:

Candida Reece on The Mighty

Candida Reece on FibromyalgiaResources

This page is for those with chronic illnesses to have somewhere to:
  • Find support and writings about living with chronic illnesses to help you feel not so alone
  • Get helpful tips and links to informative articles that are realistic ways of managing your illness
  • Send friends and family to learn about living with chronic illnesses to increase their understanding

If you are in pain and need a distraction, here are some resources for you:

Dida's Distractions: This is an attempt to help you cope with pain, anxiety, cravings, or anything else you may need distracted from. Simple online games
Distractions as Coping Mechanisms: Tools for Chronic Illness, Mental Illness, & Recovery by Candida Reece,

I am adding links and information as quickly as I am able. Please send me an email if there is a specific condition you want to know more about, and I’ll do my best to get those resources added quickly.

Condition-specific pages I created:


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

My own articles living with chronic illness. Mostly about Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, and Anxiety.

Writings about living with chronic illness, anxiety, & PTSD, as well as current events, addiction/recovery, mental health in general, relationships, parenting, and realistic finance with extreme money-saving techniques.
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Resources for Specific Conditions

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome- Women’s Health

Autoimmune Disorders on WebMD

Endometriosis Research Center

Art Prints

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Art Prints

Social media accounts & sites that are great for anyone living with chronic illnesses.

@50plussuperplus- Tracey

Raina with a Chronic Illness

@gingerjuliet- Chaleece Leckron

Such a beautiful soul with gorgeous red hair, but she's so much more. Beautiful inside and out, she tries to promote positivity to her followers. She has had to battle medical issues & speaks about her condition & many other subjects

Rachel “Nubs” Shroyer

Rachel Shroyer- Wonderfully inspiring person with a great attitude towards life. I respect and admire the way she talks about her accident & the resulting injury.

Wheely Good Time

Mobility aid advocates. In their words- "here to help you flaunt your disabled, sick, ill, spoonie self in style. Because whoever said you're not allowed to be sexy & disabled certainly haven't met you!"

@purplerecovery- My Purple Wellness Journey

My Purple Wellness Journey: A great account to follow if you live in chronic pain.

Chronically Salty








Chronic Illness Humor


Georgia Gatherum



We Are Foundlings

The Road To Wellness


@lottiedrynan- The Tummy Diaries

The Chargimals- Physical and Mental Health Monsters Chronic Pain & WLS Journey



Sara Lombard

@lalaithbr- Lilian Oliveira

@how.u.feeling- Chronic Illness Advocates

@my.beautiful.disaster- Hanna Avery


The Dancing Spoonie

Things Doctors Say

Maisie Ann Cocozza

Mya- @imarollwithit

Crawford Wellness

Britt- @myelasticheart


Lou Obadal- @men_have_lupus

See other social media I follow on the Good Stuff page

For other accounts & sites specifically about Fibromyalgia- visit the Fibro Page

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