Sobriety Saves: A Clean Life Is A Better Life

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Addiction eventually ends in deathunless you get clean. Too many addicts believe there is no hope. Here is proof there IS hope. These people have all been addicted and gotten clean, through various methods. They are categorized by how long they’ve been clean so you can see how they’ve handled staying clean over time.

I hope everyone will see this as motivation to give up whatever addiction is controlling them.

My Story:

Addiction has affected my life in many ways. It’s the reason I had to divorce my son’s father, and also the reason I refuse to be on any narcotic pain medication- because I found myself addicted due to prescribed medications. I was very, VERY fortunate that I was able to recognize the behavior before it crossed a line into doing worse, but it was still a very real addiction, and very hard to acknowledge and overcome. Even now, dealing with the chronic pain that I do, it’s very hard not to give in and get some relief, but I tell myself everyday that I will need those medications EVEN MORE when I’m older, and when I have surgeries, so avoiding them now when I am able to tolerate it (despite it being a very rough life, ) is really my only choice to prevent an even worse situation later. Since I deal with the pain, it means I can’t be very active and I can’t handle a traditional career, but again- it’s better than the alternative of getting so strung out that I hurt the people I love and destroy my body. Just because it was prescribed to you, and you don’t get crazy with it (yet)- doesn’t mean you aren’t addicted. Just because you have a legitimate need for them- doesn’t mean you aren’t addicted. There is a difference between being physically dependent and an addict. An addict will eventually get desperate to prevent the sickness that comes without the substance, not just desperate to control the pain. An addict will start figuring out how to get more, and more, and more- faster than what is really needed for the pain they are experiencing, and despite a doctor saying they are progressing too quickly. If you DO need narcotic pain medications because you can’t tolerate it without them, my suggestion is to use them as sparingly as you can possibly handle and have you doctor come up with a scheduled progression. Do your best to hold out even longer than they suggest as long as it won’t cause additional damage to your body. If you can, force yourself to go without from time to time to make sure you are keeping control over your usage.

In addition to my struggles, I’ve seen many lives destroyed by drugs. I’ve lost several close friends to drugs and addiction-related health issues. It’s heart wrenching every single time because they could have reached out and gotten help. Now, many of their families are left behind, mourning them, wondering why they couldn’t stop, and angry that addiction tore their lives apart. Reach out and get help!


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