Coronavirus- Covid19

A novel virus, meaning a virus never seen in humans before, that has caused chaos all over the world lately. People everywhere are being told to practice social distancing, wash their hands, & stay home.

Since this is going to be impacting society for quite some time, I decided a page specifically for all my Covid19-related content is in order, so that’s what this is. I will be adding to it as I can, and I will ALWAYS make sure my information is from credible sources.

It is extremely important that we all take this seriously, so please don’t be dismissive, & blow it off. Even if it probably won’t kill you, it CAN kill many others- and YOU can be the one that carries it to them.

A Note About Media

There are a multitude of news outlets from which you can get your news. I understand wanting sources that are in line with your beliefs, but don’t allow that to keep you oblivious to all the facts of any issue. Personally, I make an effort to go to multiple news outlets to read about one topic. I specifically choose an equal amount of liberal and conservative news sites, then read ones from “unbiased” sources. Then, I even go further and look for original footage and unedited content to see what the real situation is. I encourage everyone to visit AllSides using the link below and read further about this topic. There is a chart that does a decent job of giving you an idea of where the major news outlets stand in their bias, and a detailed explanation of exactly how they determined the standings. From their menu, you can also choose to filter results to only right leaning or only left leaning, to see whichever you choose.


Seven steps to help deal with anxiety caused by wearing a mask

Solutions for COVID19 Challenges: Alternate Methods for Escaping, Coping, & Helping Loved Ones With Disabilities

Solutions for problems others may not even understand are problems. Intended for those in domestic violence situations, caregivers & those living with disabilities, single parents, larger families, people living with mental health conditions, & families with 2 essential worker parents.

COVID19-related Graphics

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Below are credible resources to get up-to-date information about Covid19 to help you have factual information. I’ve also listed a few things to help people get through these chaotic times. As I collect them, I’ll be adding more and more resources of different kinds, hopefully so that there is something relevant here for everyone.

Credible Info Regarding Wearing of Masks

Newest Info as of 5/24 & Coronavirus Myths

AMA COVID19 Physicians Info– Great for seeing what issues medical professionals are discussing

COVID Act Now– Shows projections based on different scenarios

COVID19 Financial Assistance

Restaurant Opportunities Centers United List of COVID19 Resources that has both financial resources & other ways to get involved

Restaurant Workers Community Foundation- List of Resources for Restaurants & Workers during COVID19

Full-cart Food Assistance. Fill out the application. If you’re chosen, they will leave a bag of groceries at your door.

Information about the stimulus checks

Credible Resources

Red Table Talk– One of the most informative discussions I’ve seen about the virus. Great for teenagers & adults alike. Explained in layman’s terms and backed by a leading medical expert, they tell you all about why all the precautions are important & what can happen if we don’t follow them. Includes an interview with a 25 yr old immunocompromised woman who has battled the virus and tells about her experience, along with how it affected the rest of her group that tested positive.

Note the pop-up for the financial “course” I offer. It’s not your typical financial advice. It was created out of necessity to help some of my friends with the cycle of poverty that plagues them. It was originally a book, but I couldn’t figure out how to make it free for everyone and also be something that could be updated to keep the resources fresh- so I turned it into a course that can help you find all kinds of ways to save money, live frugally, and hopefully get on a better financial path. During these uncertain times, I figure the course can be helpful to those trying to survive on unemployment because the virus prevents them from working. It’s completely free, so it certainly can’t hurt💜 It does require your email for registration for a login and password, but I NEVER give your email information to anyone, and I only send an email when there is a new section of the course up, to make sure there are no problems with new users, or if an update has altered something.

My own post about adjusting to life during the Covid19 crisis. Covers working remotely, managing mental health, helping kids with school, & occupying your time.

Coping with Covid19: How To Adjust by Candida Reece,

Things To Help You Through This Time:

I am also constantly adding articles I find on my Pinterest Covid19 board, so if you need more, you can follow this link to my Pinterest account and check out all the things I have here on Written by Dida that may be helpful. I’ve listed most of them below, but feel free to explore the site for anything else that can help.

Dealing With Grief & Loss Related to COVID19

My Message to Lawmakers

NOTE: In my message, I emphasized the demographic I represent. If you want to copy & paste the majority of this message to send, I’m fine with that, but I do suggest editing to make sure your specific position is represented, whether you are a healthcare worker, small business owner/self-employed, huge corporation, or whatever. Everyone is going to need to be treated fairly and right for us to get through this as quickly as possible.

I’m writing to all Senators & Congressmen: You all have the data showing that there is absolutely no way Americans can handle the fallout of the Covid19 crisis without serious assistance. Everyone- rich and poor- is going to feel the impact significantly. Most of us already have. 45% of this country has ZERO in savings. That means we live paycheck to paycheck, and sometimes day to day. If you think for one second that we don’t need help, or don’t DESERVE help- you don’t deserve the position you hold. Rich people will need plenty of help, too, it just takes longer for them to truly feel the impact. Many of us have already been struggling for a week because we put everything we had into getting even a few supplies to try to get by. Not all of us have the luxury of being able to stock up for staying in for two weeks, for multiple reasons, but lack of money is definitely one of them. There is no going back, at this point. Damage has already been done, and this will significantly impact all Americans, especially those with chronic illnesses who have no choice but to isolate to save our lives- whether we get disability, or not. Please accept this, and just HELP for once- help everyone without all the stipulations. DO IT RIGHT, and we will ALL be able to build EACH OTHER back up after this is over. Doing it wrong will only make the impact on our future economy even more long-lasting than it’s already going to be. Please, I urge EVERY one of you involved in getting this done- you know helping everyone is the right thing to do. Fairly. Obviously, the poorest are the ones in most desperate need first because they don’t have the ability to sustain survival without an active income. 45% of Americans are very likely looking at this problem right now. That’s almost HALF of your country. Many of the others will be feeling the strain soon enough, then the bottom lines will eventually show how the very rich are impacted. You have the chance to alleviate it all, and come together as a country to make us ALL better. Please do what needs to be done.

Things That Can Help on Written by Dida

“Battling Anxiety: Tools For Getting Your Life Back”– An article I wrote originally for those who live with anxiety on a regular basis, but many of the techniques can be used for times of high anxiety in life, like we’re going through with this virus.

Battling Anxiety: Tools For Getting Your Life Back by Candida Reece,

“Using Distractions as Coping Mechanisms”– Another one written for those living with anxiety, PTSD, pain, cravings, etc., but they are great methods for also dealing with all this chaos. A variety of methods so there is something for everyone.

Using Distractions As Coping Mechanisms

Anxiety– My own page all about anxiety, and how to handle it. Graphics, tools, links to outside resources, and all of my own anxiety-related posts.

Anxiety on Written by Dida. Information, tools, & support for Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety Cards– A tool I created to use during panic attacks, or just anxious times, that is a grounding technique. It’s a combination of methods that basically force your brain to sort of “reset.” They have been helpful for many people. I update them every other month to ensure they keep working.

Anxiety Cards on Written by Dida

Good Stuff– My page for any social media account, website, or business that is helpful, interesting, inspirational, or funny. Some great people to follow and keep you entertained for hours.

Mental Health– My page for all things mental health-related (besides anxiety.)

Mental Health on Written by Dida: Information, tools, & support

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