Dida-isms Pg. 1 Mental Health/Anxiety & Addiction

Chronic Pain. Anxiety. Addiction. Fibromyalgia.

These are either snippets of info, quotes from my stories, or just little thoughts I’ve had that I think others may relate to. I felt there needed to be a collection for people to view whenever they need a laugh, inspiration, or just to relate.

I really put quite a bit of effort into these graphics. I spend a lot of time obsessing about which colors and fonts to use, and try to make them adaptable for everyone. If you would like any Dida-isms in a particular color or type, contact me and we can discuss it. I want people to be able to use them wherever they are needed. To look through all, just keep scrolling. To go directly to the Dida-isms of a specific type, you can use these links: (Currently moving things around a bit, so, if something isn’t working, check back over the next 24 hours, and it should be fixed.)

Dida-isms Pg. 2– Chronic Illness/Chronic Pain & Fibromyalgia

Dida-isms Pg. 3 General, Money, & Relationship

Dida-isms Pg. 4– Election 2020 & Vocab Lessons

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Dida-isms Pg. 1 Mental Health/Anxiety & Addiction