Dida-isms Pg 2 Chronic Illness/Pain & Fibromyalgia

Since I’ve created so many of these graphics, they are starting to be too much to keep on the same page, so here is the second page. Be sure to check out the other pages to see all the graphics available to share.

For all COVID19 related graphics, please visit the Covid19 Page

Chronic Illness Dida-isms (Instagram)

Since there are so many graphics now, I’m going to start breaking them down by month to make it easier to find what you’re searching for. Until I get time to organize what is already here, everything before September 2020 will be in the original group. I will be making the monthly ones from here on out.

Chronic Illness September 2020

Chronic Illness Dida-isms (Pinterest)

Fibromyalgia Dida-isms (Instagram)

Fibromyalgia Dida-isms (Pinterest)

Dida-isms Pg 1Addiction & Anxiety/Mental Health

Dida-isms Pg 2- Chronic Illness/Pain & Fibromyalgia

Dida-isms Pg 3- General/Life Lessons, Money, & Relationships

Dida-isms Pg 4- Racism, Election 2020, Dida’s Vocab Lessons

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