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Dida's Distractions

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Although distractions can be a negative thing, they can also be helpful coping mechanisms. Yes, in the wrong situation, you can take it too far to the point of being in denial, or get distracted from things you really should be tending to. Even so, there are some situations where distractions can bring much needed relief. I wrote an article about how distractions can help that you can read here: Using Distractions as Coping Mechanisms. To make the page load easier, I created a second page with more games instead of putting them all on one. Go here to check them out if none of the ones on this page interest you:

More distractions
More Distractions

If you have a chronic illness, anxiety, or are a recovering addict, you may already understand how distractions can be helpful, so I’m creating this page of them for anyone to come and hopefully get their mind off whatever they need to. This first little game is just a simple game that is found in the Chrome Browser. It’s known as the Dinosaur Game. Tap to start running and tap to jump over obstacles.

This next one will take you to another website:

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