Domestic Violence

It can be hard to admit that what’s going on in a relationship is serious enough to be considered domestic violence. We tend to justify actions, blame ourselves or the situation, or just hide it completely. None of these things are healthy responses to being in an abusive relationship- regardless of whether that abuse is physical, mental, or emotional. If you ask some people, the physical abuse is actually the easiest one to recognize and deal with.

No one deserves to be abused. No matter what you think you’ve done to bring it on, the other person is still responsible for their actions, and it’s not okay to abuse you.

Even if you really did do something awful enough, the correct response is to break up with you- not beat you, verbally abuse you, or mess with your emotions just for the sake of “punishing” you. It doesn’t matter whether you are female, male, neither, or whatever, neither do your ethnicity, economical status, or age.

Stop living with domestic violence. Please get help. You deserve a better life.

I am working to find more resources than I have here. For the moment, if you need help because of domestic violence, please visit

Domestic Violence Hotline

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

They have links to many organizations that can help you. Please visit them for more info. There is even a “safety exit” for if you need to get out quickly with no trace. I urge you to visit this page to find an organization to help you.

I am always here for support, and will do my best to help guide you towards resources that can help you, wherever you are. I have no affiliation with any domestic violence associations (yet,) and I am not a medical or legal professional, but I can be someone to vent to. Contact me via one of my social media channels, or through email at

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