Fibromyalgia Types Of Pain- Musculoskeletal Pain: A deep, ache-y, flu-type feeling that's like the worst flu you ever had plus the worst hangover you've ever had; Nerve Pain: The devil. It feels like the most torturous itchy, burning, stabbing pain you can possibly imagine; Inflammation: Makes you so stiff you feel like a stick-figure waddling around; Pressure Pain: Sometimes, it's a deep, sharp, throbbing pain in random 2-3" round spots, like you've been shot with an arrow & it's sitting there.Widespread- feels like a semi-truck is parked on top of you;Joint Pain: Sharp pain shooting through the joint that changes over to a throbbing, almost sharp, type of ache, even when the joints aren't being used. The pressure makes it feel like it will explode.

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