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Fibromyalgia can make you feel like a shell of yourself, exhausted from the abnormal sleep patterns, wide-spread pain, and countless other symptoms. The emotional turmoil of not being able to control your body- and thus losing control over other apsects of your life- is traumatic.

Not enough research has been done on the disease to understand it well enough to cure it. The research that HAS been done is mostly based on traditional beliefs and practices, which results in the industry looking at it from completely the wrong perspective (in my opinion,) making it nearly impossible for us to get treatment that improves our quality of life. I plan to continue adding resources to this page as often as I find relevant information.

Fibromyalgia Dida-isms (My own Fibro-related graphics)

Good Information

National Fibromyalgia Association

Comprehensive information for anyone needing to know about Fibro and how it affects us.

Not the Last Word: Fibromyalgia is Real, Joseph Bernstein, MD

This is an interesting paper about how researchers and doctors view Fibromyalgia and the patients who present with it. Take it slow and read through it all before forming an opinion. There are responses from others included and they are also good reads.

Recent Research

The Journal for the International Association for the Study of Pain

New research connecting gut bacteria to Fibromyalgia

Journal of Biological Chemistry

Metabolic fingerprinting for diagnosis of fibromyalgia and other rheumatologic disorders

Journal Watch- Evidence of Neuroinflammation in Fibromyalgia
CenterWatch- Clinical Trials

You can search for clinical trials you qualify for. We need to be taking part in any of these that are targeting the right aspects of the disease to further research. The more info they gather, the closer we are to getting treatment that works.

Websites with personal stories and informative articles:

The Mighty Fibromyalgia section

Good Blogs, Groups, & Social Media to follow if you have Fibro:

Facebook Pages /Groups

For other stuff I love, you can check out the Good Stuff page

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