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This is the page for things I run across that I love. I DO NOT HAVE ANY affiliation with any of these except my own Facebook Support Group-Realistic Support for Chronic Illness, Addiction Recovery, & Mental Illness. All others on this page are completely separate from me (Candida Reece,) and Written by Dida. I do not receive anything from them for putting this information up. I have informed them they are on the page, but that’s pretty much it. Local businesses and websites listed here have done something to stand out, and I feel they deserve to be recognized.

Warning: I have many reasons why I follow people on social media, but there are three main reasons- either they are just real, they post great information, or the general message they send is to just be better somehow- whether that’s through positive self-image, confidence, being kind, acceptance, or any other way. I love diversity, so you’re going to find a wide variety of personality types. Some are appropriate for anyone, others may be a bit much for some people, but I see awesomeness in them all. Sometimes life is about sunshine and rainbows, sometimes it’s about rage and swearing- and everything in between. I’ve devised a sort of rating system just so you have an idea-

* = some mature topics covered

** =some videos can be considered explicit due to subject matter, language, or style of dance

Scroll on through to see all the sites & accounts listed on this page, or use these links to go straight to a specific section:

Facebook Groups & Pages




Websites & Online Businesses
Websites & Online Businesses
Blogs, Websites, & Online Businesses

Benefit Medical Apparel- Veteran Owned scrub company that was started because they wanted to make a more comfortable, and better fitting, active-wear type of scrub. Jerold Castle is an official ambassador for Benefit Medical and has given me a code for anyone to use for 10% off- BMAA2078.

You can find the Chronic Illness related sites & accounts I love over on the Chronic Illness Page



Officially Mom-ing You– very real and down to earth, with recipes and cleaning tips to help other parents.

Rigel Celeste -Holes In Your SocksCheerfully bumbling through “momhood” Rigel Celeste’s personal blog about being a mom.

YouTube & Reverb Nation

Juggling The Jenkins*- A mom who blogs about parenting and her battle with addiction, and journey of recovery. She also does speaking engagements about her story to inspire others to get clean. (Link for her book above in the Facebook section)

Officially Mom-ing you– very real and down to earth, with recipes and cleaning tips to help other parents.

StrangeLand Oddities– Visual Journalists/Professional media relations team. Very talented.

Lauren Maxam*- Another very real person to follow. Proud of her gorgeous red hair and generally down to earth. Many light-hearted videos, but also some with great messages on relevant issues💜

GingerJuliet– Such a beautiful soul with gorgeous red hair. She has had to battle medical issues, and speaks about her condition and many other subjects.💜


@Fibromyalgi5cte– The flipboard account for


StrangeLand Oddities– Visual Journalists/Professional media relations team. Very talented.


Toi Kiera- ** A local musician/friend. Hip-Hop/LGBT Rap🏳️‍🌈

Local Businesses
Local Businesses

The Marigold is a new sober space and arts and music venue in downtown Huntington.
1325 4th Avenue
Huntington, WV

Café Appalachia By nourishing the body and the mind through quality food and service to others, the Cafe is providing a holistic approach to helping West Virginians
206 D. Street
South Charleston, WV

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