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Thank you for choosing to participate in my research.

Please choose the subject you want to answer interview questions for from the list below. Be aware that most topics have more than one link because only 10 questions were allowed per survey. Please be sure to complete all the links for your topic.

I understand how boring and repetitive these surveys can get, but please read carefully and be specific with your answers. The more detailed and accurate the information you give me, the more likely I can find patterns and similarities to focus on in my articles.

The goal is to raise awareness and educate people. I want to make sure I’m doing that with more than just my own perspective in mind.

These answers are automatically anonymous.

I will only know who you are if you CHOOSE to be identified. If you choose to be identified, I will make sure you are represented accurately, fairly, and with respect if I use your direct quote or situation in an article.

Be aware that many of these are in-depth questions, so please prepare yourself for triggering questions and words before entering any survey. Thank you for your time and effort❤

Anxiety 1 of 2

Anxiety 2 of 2

Addiction/Alcoholism 1 of 2

Addiction/Alcoholism 2 of 2

Autism Part 1 of 2

Autism Part 2 of 2

Fibromyalgia 1 of 3

Fibromyalgia 2 of 3

Fibromyalgia 3 of 3

PTSD 1 of 2

PTSD 2 of 2

Bi-polar Disorder 1 of 2

Bi-polar Disorder 2 of 2

Borderline Personality Disorder

Health Care Experiences

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Interview Links: These are interview questions I have designed to gather information for my articles. The answers are automatically anonymous. You are only identified if you choose to be. For now, many of the subjects have more than one link because I haven’t figured out how to move them from Survey Monkey to here. I promise I will as soon as possible. I also add topics often, so check back for others you are willing to answer. My articles are to raise awareness about these topics, and also put out information that may help others.

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