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**This page is a work in progress. I am adding information daily, so please check back often. If you’re local and have suggestions, please contact me by using one of the options at the bottom of the page.

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In addition to the COVID19-related information listed here for you, I also have created a page for all the other stuff concerning this virus that has many great links to resources that can be helpful during this time. Tap or click on the Covid19 Image to visit.


LOCAL COVID19 Resources

I will be gathering all the local resources I possibly can for this page so people can easily direct people here for information. I want to help anyone I can. I’ve been there, struggling to survive, not knowing if I wanted to, not knowing where to turn. If you don’t try, you can’t get help. Whether you need help getting into recovery, assistance with food, shelter, or bills, or need a mental health professional- I want you to be able to at least use this as a starting point. ** Special thanks to Jessica DeHart for the majority of the info for Huntington**

For emergency food assistance in the Tri-State area, visit the link below and use the map to find locations near you. The yellow boxes indicate places that have food pantries, or accept food stamps. For the food pantries, they list the address & phone number, as well as the requirements to be eligible. When you tap or click on them, you can expand the info box to get further information and then just use the arrows to switch to the next one in the area rather than going back to the map every time. I started to list each here individually, but there were too many to make it an organized thing, so this is a better way to make sure anyone in the area can see the resources close to them. I suggest calling the number before going to a location to make sure they are currently serving people:

WV Foodlink

Local Donestic Violence Resources

Branches Domestic Violence Shelter

Local Resources: Financial & Housing Assistance

West Virginia



Local Mental Health Resources

Local Addiction Resources: Sobriety Saves. A clean life is a better life.

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