If you care about an addict: Information & resources to help you cope available here.

It’s hard caring about someone addicted to something. Really hard. If you don’t understand addiction, I encourage you to read my writings, and some of others who write about addiction (I will be adding those as soon as I can.)

Addiction: Why You Should Care

“The Pain Management Crisis: Why It’s Different Than the Addiction Crisis”

“Why It’s Crucial To Know Your Family History”

Mental Health is also a large part of addiction, so check out the Mental Health page, and I also have graphics for all topics I cover that are designed to be informative and relatable. You can find them on the Dida-isms page.

If you need support geared specifically towards those who care about someone in active addiction, check out the links below.


Project Know

Northpoint Washington’s Page on being a loved one of an addict

Addictions and Recovery

Below are some people in recovery that share their stories with the world.

Follow them or check out their sites for tips to stay clean, everyday ways of coping without drugs, and just to have someone that has experienced what you’re going through.


The following are links to pages with information about each of these drugs. They do not cover everything, but do give you a general idea of what each drug is and somewhere to go for further information.


One of the most addicting substances you can do, and very popular in the active addiction world. It doesn’t take doing a lot, or doing it often, to get addicted. The feeling is too good the first time, then you’re chasing that exact feeling every single time after. The problem is- you’ll NEVER feel that again. No matter what you do, but you’ll kill yourself trying to.


Even more lethal than heroin, fentanyl has become extremely popular among dealers because it gets the addicts hooked faster, and popular with addicts because it gets them higher. It’s often mixed with, or sold as heroin, and is the cause of many overdoses.

Crystal Meth/Methamphetamine-

Often used to help addicts “come up” from being too low on downers, or used to keep up energy. Popular because it can be made and sold by just about anyone. Creates severe paranoia,

Opiate Pain Medication-

Pain medications can be a very necessary, useful tool, but they can also be the downfall of a person. The ongoing quest to be able to functionally normally with chronic pain can lead to taking too much medication, and eventually can lead to street drugs.

Research Chemicals, a.k.a analogue or designer drugs-

These are dangerous because people think they are “safer” than regular street drugs when the actual long term effects are unknown because they haven’t been studied long enough, under the right conditions. Many times they are just a molecule different from a well-known drug, then marketed as a safer version. It’s dangerous, and the lines about the legality are blurry.


Popular among the higher class types. Generally looked at as acceptable in certain circumstances in order to keep up with life, have confidence to do something in the public eye, be a supermom, etc. Very dangerous, very potent, and addictive.