Written by Dida Merchandise

Thank you for being interested in my merchandise related to chronic illness, mental health, human rights, & other topics I cover. Use the widget below to shop!

If there is one of my graphics you would like to see on merch, please let me know via Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook. I am happy to add whatever it is you want, specifically.

There are all kinds of items available. I’ve created my designs so they can be used on both dark and light backgrounds. That’s why you’ll see at least two of each design. Just read the name to see which it is meant for. You can shop by product, or design. If you know what you want (mask, t-shirt, tank top, greeting card, etc,) just choose that item from the list, and it will show you all the ones available. If you’re shopping by design- tap/click the one you want, then choose any product (if you don’t see the item you want,) and it will show you the rest of the items available in that design. FOR T-SHIRTS, TANKS, etc., choose the t-shirt, then you’ll see a drop down box that will allow you to switch to a tank, v-neck, hoodie- whatever you want.