I have found the need for this page to list things I do not agree with.

The American College of Rheumatolgy is the first to make this list. Upon looking up their information on Fibromyalgia, I found it to be inaccurate and irresponsible. I sent them an email telling them about it, too. I live with this condition daily and hear from thousands of people who go through the same experiences. For them to say that fibromyalgia is not an inflammation based condition and does not have an autoimmune factor is crazy irresponsible considering they haven’t done accurate in-depth, long-term research about those specific issues in relation to fibromyalgia.

The medical industry has ignored Fibromyalgia for years. They don’t approach it with the perspective that it’s a serious condition, so it doesn’t get the attention it deserves considering how many people it affects and the fact that it can be absolutely debilitating.