I am definitely for hire.

Contact me to discuss the project for a customized price. I believe people should be able to get quality work at an affordable price, even if the value of that work is actually worth much more.

If you need help with written communication in your business, or have a student who needs help with assignments- HIRE ME! Writing samples can be seen at writtenbydida.com Any tone or style needed! Affordable rates! Memos/Letters, Instructional Guides, Promotional ads, Press releases, Newsletters, Essays/Papers, Content Writing, Persuasive Writing, Ghostwriting, Editing

I can write just about anything once given a direction, so I’m always up for new projects. I’m good at getting a feel for you, or your business, and how you want to be represented, and tailor my writing style to suit the situation. I’m confident I can write anything you need, or help you write something perfect for your project.

Listed below are examples of things I can help with, but it’s not a complete list, so feel free to approach me with similar types of projects. I’m also up for collaborating with others on any of the topics I write about, and will consider others. If you’re interested- Contact Me

  • Editing
  • Guest Posts (will also consider as collaboration only)
  • Ghostwriting (capable of any tone or style needed)
  • Proofreading
  • Academic Papers (help with essays, research papers, etc.)
  • Freelance Projects (newsletters, press releases, promotional ads, etc.)
  • Business Correspondence/Administration (memos, letters, instructional guides, etc.)
  • Personal Correspondence assistance
  • Infographic Design

There are obviously writing samples all over my site, but if you’d like to see specific pieces, you can go to the Writings page for access. To see examples of my graphics, just choose “Dida-isms” from the Menu towards the top of the page

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