I decided I want to be 100% transparent about anything I am benefiting from, so I made this promotional page. I’ll likely do blog posts and other things sometimes, but if you’re ever curious as to whether I’m getting something for advertising, you can check here. I’ll list them as I add them to my posts or site.

Below is the link to MY store with my logo and Dida-isms on all kinds of different styles of clothing and other items. There are so many! From baby clothes, to dog beds- and pretty much everything in between that you can put a logo on😂

Please go visit my store and purchase some things to help me out. I’ve tried to make the prices as reasonable as possible within the parameters they gave me, so everyone should be able to find something!

The Written by Dida Store

From Brandbassador:

Matte Black Everything – I pretty much wear black all the time, so this brand immediately caught my attention. Their style is kinda minimalist-meets-fashionista. I love that everything has clean lines and simple colors, but is still stylish. I decided to become an ambassador for their brand, so I DO benefit from you clicking this link, or making a purchase using the discount code. Check them out when you get a chance. If you purchase something, here’s a discount code to use- MBEDIDA

The following are product links from the article “Using Distractions As Coping Mechanisms” I figured it is easiest for people to find this way if they remember later and are looking. They are all Amazon Affiliate links, so I earn from qualifying purchases.

Kindle Unlimited

Discounted Amazon Prime (for EBT and medical card holders)

365 Days of Art

Bic Pens

5-Star Notebooks

Waterproof notebook

Fancy Leather Journal

Basic Journal

Inspire Poster

Adult coloring book for mindfulness & stress relief

5-tier stackable indoor herb garden

My KIND affiliate link because I have yet to figure out how to make the banner work 😂😂