PTSD can be the cause of a wide variety of behaviors and “symptoms,” and can be caused by one major traumatic event, or many events happening over time. When it’s caused by multiple events, they label it Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD.) I’ve created this page to try to help connect people living with either form of PTSD with resources that can help them. I will be adding more info as often as I can.

To learn more about my own experiences that led to PTSD & C-PTSD, visit the page I created for my murdered friend- Isaiah Hale, and my About Me page, but I did create a graphic listing many of the experiences I’ve had.

General Information

Helpguide: An overview of PTSD, with lots of good information. Search by specific topic for information focused on a particular issue.

Aces Connection: C-PTSD- A thorough look at C-PTSD

PTSD related to Gun Violence

Moments That Survive: Stories from survivors of gun violence and links to helpful information about coping

Psychiatric Times: A good resource for information on many aspects of violence-related trauma and other mental health issues. There is also a dropdown box to filter information to specific topics such as ptsd related to veterans, domestic violence, sexual abuse, etc.

PTSD related to mass shootings

Wiley Online Library: A collection of scholarly writings about trauma caused by mass shootings that cover many aspects of the topic. Good for researching.

PTSD in Veterans

Make the Connection: Focuses on PTSD related to military service. It allows you to filter the results so you get videos from others who served around the same time you did.

Wounded Warrior Project: Help for Combat Stress, PTSD, and TBI

PTSD related to Sexual Violence

Harvard School of Public Health: Helping Victims of Sexual Violence Overcome PTSD

Psychiatric Times- The other #MeToo: Male Sexual Abuse Survivors

PTSD in Children

Stanford Children’s Health: A good, comprehensive resource that focuses on PTSD in children.

PTSD/C-PTSD Related “Good Stuff”

Social media accounts that are good to follow if you’re living with PTSD or C-PTSD. I’ll add more as I find them.

Rebekah Gregory- @rebekahmgregory

Ryan, Anxiety Healer-


PTSD The War Within


CPTSD/PTSD Info- @ptsdcomplex_recovery

MyPTSD- @myptsdofficial


CPTSD and me

Overcoming PTSD

victims of gun violence

Coping with PTSD

Veterans with PTSD


Jazmin| Mental Health- @advocating.mentalhealth

The Depression Project- @realdepressionproject

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PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder) & C-PTSD (Complex post-traumatic Disorder) Links to professional resources, tools, & support for anyone living with PTSD or C-PTSD))