Published Pieces

These websites all have great stories and articles by myself and thousands of other authors. I definitely encourage you to look around for other articles you may relate to, or learn from.

This is a great website and Facebook page that puts out informative articles about Fibromyalgia. Take a look around when you get time!

The Mighty

A community for people with all kinds of medical conditions. You can find stories from people living with Anxiety, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, Cancer, Migraines- anything. There are also professional reporters and medica professionals who contribute articles.


A website with a list of different sections, creating a wide variety of stories and articles. You can find relatable stories on just about any subject here. The only one on the list that isn’t specifically centered around chronic illnesses.

My Published Work

The ones with pictures allow you to click right on the image to go to the story. I’m working on graphics like this for all of them, but it takes time.

Marriage” – published on Vocal

“What To Remember On Bad Days With Fibromyalgia”– on The Mighty

“If You Believe Chronically Ill People Are Trying To Scam You”- on The Mighty

“Battling Through Winter With Chronic Pain”- on The Mighty

The Emotions You Experience When You Have Fibromyalgia”- on The Mighty

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