Forget your politics. Forget your preconceived notions. Prioritize the issues.

Somehow, racism is still a huge problem, especially in America. It shouldn’t be. This is not a new problem. People of color have been dealing with it for centuries. It’s all throughout our history books, so we all know about it.

I’ve always been anti-racist, and said something about it if I encountered it in my daily life, but I never felt it appropriate to create a page about it. Not because of worrying about what other white people think, but because I didn’t think it was my place because I am a middle-aged white woman, who was raised in an upper middle class family, so I don’t have to deal with the discrimination that people of color do.

With the recent incidents of brutality against Black people, I’ve done some serious thinking & research, and have decided that I have to do SOMETHING. I have to do everything I can to do my part to stop this cycle of hate. That’s how this page came about. I am going to put everything here I can find to educate other white people about racism, and how to be actively anti-racist. Getting all white people to speak up and not accept racism, whether it’s passive or aggressive, is the only way it will ever stop.

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