Sexual Conduct and Violence

Sexual conduct is a big issue. Whether it’s learning how to conduct yourself in a social setting, or learning about sexual harassment and rape- it’s an issue that needs to be taken seriously and addressed outright. I recently released an article about appropriate sexual conduct and how to evaluate your behavior. It’s the article that made me realize the need for this page. As I get more feedback from people, I will be adding to and making adjustments to this page. I want the end result to be informative, helpful, and supportive. The article that started it all:

Sexual Conduct: What's Appropriate & How To Evaluate YOUR Behavior

If you have resources on this topic, or know of good websites or social media accounts to follow for survivors, please Contact Me

Websites with good information:

**Disclaimer: I plan to have different types of sites here with different approaches and aspects. My purpose is to have something here for ANYONE who lands on this page.


This organization has a ton of information and resources pertaining to sexual harassment, sexual violence, and related topics. You can visit this page for professional support and informative sections that will lead you to helpful resources.

National Sexual Violence Resource Center

More great information about sexual violence, consent, and prevention.

What is sexual harassment?

RAINN’s page specifically discussing sexual harassment


The CDC’s page about sexual violence.

Marshall University’s Women’s Center Page on Sexual Assault

Wonderful source of information from the local university in my city.

Stop It Now

A site created by a survivor of child abuse mainly centered around child sexual abuse. Full of helpful information.

For survivors and their loved ones

i believe you| it’s not your fault- on tumblr

An amazing page that allows people to tell their stories. I discovered this page while researching for my article and was so moved by the stories.

Project Unbreakable

Another tumblr page that allows victims of sexual violence to share their stories.

Survivor Support

News on all sexual violence topics and a place to share stories and ask anything.

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Sexual Conduct & violence on Written by Dida- A page to learn about sexual conduct in all settings: what's inappropriate, questions to evaluate aggressive behavior, risk factors, preventative measures to lessen that risk, and links to resources for survivors & loved ones.