Tools & Support

Listed below are different tools I’ve created, or found, that have helped me, and others, that have struggled with . I hope they can help you.


Little snippets of info or quotes from my writings that can inspire, make you laugh, or just let you know you’re not alone.

Sensory-Friendly Materials

Mostly colorless, plainer font versions of my graphics and tools. I designed these for those who get overwhelmed or distracted by too many colors, or different types of font. If you have these problems, I’d love your feedback so I know if I need to make them better.

Anxiety Tools/Tips

These are the materials I’ve created to help people with panic attacks, and with information to help anyone living with anxiety. In addition to these graphics, I also have published pieces and blog posts about managing anxiety that can be helpful.

Support Group

Realistic Support for Chronic Illness, Addiction Recovery, and Mental Illness.

A Facebook group I created to support people in these situations and share information with each other. There are a lot of ways people can look at things, but I choose to do so realistically. This group is about really living with these conditions and everything that goes along with them. Please stop by and check it out💜

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