To All People of Color:

I desperately wish I had the money, power, & influence it would take to make this country safe (not safer- SAFE) & better for you. Unfortunately, I don’t have the means because I’m just an ordinary person. Since I can’t make everyone else treat you right, I can only make you promises about what I will do, as a white person of privilege.

  • I promise that I will be a safe haven in any way I possibly can be. Know that if something happens, & I’m near, that you have a witness who will defend you however I can- go to court with you, tell law enforcement, or anyone else that is mistreating you, how horribly wrong they are- whatever is in my power.
  • I promise I will teach my children that the centuries of wrongdoing MUST stop and that it’s their duty to fight against it because they are in a position that allows them to. I will teach them to also defend you, and be a safe haven.
  • I promise to speak out and tell other white people that racism is wrong, and not worry about them getting offended because it’s beyond time for them to be outraged for you. I am.
  • I promise to listen to what you need, and what issues are the most important to you, and do what is within my power to support you.

Every person in this country should feel safe from law enforcement unless they are truly committing a crime, and then, the only fear should be that you’ll be prevented from committing that crime & imprisoned, or sentenced to death if your crime warrants it.

You shouldn’t have to fear law enforcement because of the color of your skin. You shouldn’t have to worry about being treated differently by ANYONE because of the color of your skin. The human race should be evolved enough to eradicate racism- enough has happened to show us how horribly wrong it is, and it’s time for serious perspective changes to be taught from elementary school on, and for them to be supported by the officials in this country. There has to be a way to ensure equality while protecting people, & we can’t stand for even the slightest bit of racism, veiled, or not, and I promise that I won’t.

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My Promises To All People of Color

My Promises To All People of Color


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