I started my blog on wordpress.com, and have now moved it to my own domain- writtenbydida.com. In this new space, I hope to be able to learn as quickly how to add helpful resources and some interactive materials to make this somewhere you come for good writings AND resources and support. I’d to build a community eventually. Big plans!

First, is getting the most relevant of my blog posts switched over, so you’ll see me re-blog a few I’ve already done (not all,) so that they are here for access.

I will be working diligently to make this the best site I can, so please check back from time to time for more resources.

Welcome to the NEW Written by Dida

Candida Reece

I'm 40 years old, have two children-13 and 19, and I now write full time in hopes of helping someone out there get through life❤ Visit my website at writtenbydida.com for resources for chronic illness, addiction recovery, mental health, and several other topics, but mostly it comes down to: life. If you're struggling and want somewhere to go to find resources, articles, stories, etc., to help you feel not so alone and lost, visit my page!

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